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Through years of experience, we have developed a solid, shrewd, innovative trading technique for the fast moving world of weekly options trading. Trading these volatile weekly options for sustainable profits is the goal each & every week — we’ve become quite adept at accomplishing this goal. Speaking with former colleagues & market makers on the CBOE on a weekly basis, the best weekly strategies are derived.  The CBOE is largest options exchange in the world, this is where a lifetime of experience was gained in managing risk, mitigating risk, and profiting from risk. A majority of the time, the best weekly options strategy is to focus on spread trading.  Experience and knowledge has allowed myself & subscribers to steer away from large losses, while maintaining a steady flow of winning, cash-flow positive trades.

We hope you decide to follow our option trade alerts. Having a firm grasp of where the market is headed short-term is something this newsletter takes great pride in.

Thank you and good trading.

~William L @ WeeklyOptionsTrading


Trading the Option Weeklys for Consistent Positive Returns


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